5-channel video installation

Inspired by images of politicians presented in the media, brawling with each other in the heat of the debate,
I leave my fictional politicians to themselves in the installation Supportive Structures. Not a moment they seem
to care about their formal role and, like their colleagues from the real world, lead mainly to an absurd theatre.
The comfort zone of bureaucratic environment and gestural procedures comes into question with the
Supportive Structure. Here, seemingly improvised set of unpredictable movements in randomised spaces and
situations, are rigorously repeated in continuous circles, bringing up front the absurdities and tragicomic
aspects of human’s slapstick.


Cast: Maciej Sado / Roger Sala Reyner / Adriano Wilfert Jensen / Juan Pablo Cámara and more

Medium: Video Installation

Amount: 5 videos

Duration: loop

Video installation images
at Survival K(n)it7 / Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art / Riga / Latvia
at Residency Unliminted / NYC / US
at NEST / Den Hagg / NL