The work consists of 8 performances recorded on video and displayed in a multilayered installation. All videos are shown from different video sources, situated on a architectural walls created specifically to accompany each piece. All pieces are separate works, but are made to be seen together. Pieces are non-narrative videos, consisting of choreographed performative scenes, that explore relationships between body, space, architecture and their limits. They play with certain patterns of human behavior in public places, making an endless loop from the motion of human bodies. Some videos are concerned with behavior, some focus on spatial relationships in architecture. The role of architecture and the usage of it is a running theme of these works. Behaviors have been deconstructed through choreography, made specifically for each architectonic place. Movements are composed in certain rhythms and can become irrational and possible at the same time.  All video pieces are endless loops without beginning or end.

medium: video installation
duration: all videos looped
amount: 8video sources, 3sound sources
original video format: HD

supported by Berlage fonds